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Step into the Future with Kids Coin Finance

Kids Coin Finance leads the financial revolution for the new generations with its cutting-edge approach. Our pioneering platform transforms Paysafecard prepaid cards, offering an innovative gateway into the world of cryptocurrencies.
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Paysafecard Transformation: Empowering Youth to Invest Securely


Kids Coin Finance (KIDS) goes beyond traditional crypto utility by offering a transformative solution for Paysafecard prepaid cards. This innovative approach helps young individuals avoid wasting their prepaid cards on video games or online casinos, redirecting their spending towards secure investments in cryptocurrencies. KIDS provides a responsible and educational platform, encouraging young users to wisely manage their financial resources and participate actively in the crypto revolution.

About the Project

Kids Coin Finance ($KIDS) is a token designed with a unique purpose: to empower and support the future of young people around the world. On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, KIDS offers security, efficiency and accessibility, providing a decentralized and educational financial ecosystem.

Key Features:

Focus on Youth:

KIDS focuses on the specific financial and educational needs of young people. Our mission is to inspire, educate and help you forge a solid path to financial success.

Defi Kids Coin Finance Platform:

Accompanying the token, our Defi platform provides staking, lending and advisory opportunities to foster personal economic growth.


Acceptance of Payments with Paysafecard:

KIDS revolutionizes the way young people use Paysafecard prepaid cards, allowing them to enter the blockchain world and spend their funds in innovative ways.

Decentralized Government:

KIDS allows holders to participate in key decisions through smart contracts, ensuring decentralized and democratic governance for the community.

NFT Marketplace:

Explore and trade unique NFTs on our marketplace, opening up new possibilities for artistic expression and digital collectibles.

Write Your Story:

A dedicated feature within our Dapp where users can seek funding for their entrepreneurial blockchain projects. Share your vision, and let the community support your journey.

Business model

Commissions on Exchanges:

Revenue generation through executing operations on Kids Coin Finance's decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

Fees in PaySafeCard Secondary Market:

Income derived from transactions conducted in the secondary market of Paysafecard prepaid cards.

Recurring Payment for AI [CODE]:

Revenue from the recurring services of Artificial Intelligence (AI) provided by Kids Coin Finance, with a specific focus that may include data analytics, automation, or other AI-related services.


10% PaySafeCard

Capture 10% of PaySafeCard's annual expenditures. PaySafeCard processes over $26,000,000,000 annually, with 90% dedicated to expenses in video games and casinos, while the remaining 10% is utilized in various online stores.


Empowering the code market with cutting-edge AI, we're dedicated to crafting top-notch and secure smart contracts, dApps, and/or NFTs from the simplest concepts. By integrating APIs from ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjorney, we're shaping the future of code creation. Access is complimentary for $Kids holders or available through recurring payments for others.

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Fees on PaySafeCard Exchange:

Earning revenue from transactions involving the exchange of Paysafecard prepaid cards to KIDS tokens.

Fees in NFT Market:

Earning profits from transactions and trading of unique NFTs in Kids Coin Finance's NFT marketplace.


Kids Coin Finance Map

Q1 - 2024

  • Idea Launch:                               Project initiation with   conceptualization and planning.
  • Whitepaper Creation:   Development and release of the   comprehensive whitepaper   outlining the project's vision,   goals,  and technical details.
  • Team Formation:           Recruitment of talented   professionals passionate about   the  vision of Kids Coin Finance.
  • Website Development:           Creation and launch of the official   website for the community.
  • Token Whitelist Sale:              Initiation of token sales through a   whitelist to early supporters and   contributors.

Q2 - 2024

  • Presale:                      Commencement of the presale phase for early investors and project followers.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Implementation of marketing strategies to enhance visibility and participation in the presale.
  • Staking:                                      Launch of staking options to encourage active community participation.
  • Kids Coin Finance Platform Development:       Commencement of comprehensive development for the Kids Coin Finance platform.

Q3 - 2024

  • Market Launch:                      Official launch of the $KIDS token in the market.
  • Beta Release of Kids Coin Finance:                         Introduction of the beta version of the platform for testing and community feedback.
  • DEX Exchange of PaySafeCard for $KIDS:                      Implementation of the exchange of PaySafeCard for $KIDS on the DEX.
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Q4 - 2024

  • Curated NFT Market:  Establishment of a curated NFT market within the platform.
  • Curated Project Market for Funding:                        Introduction of a market dedicated to blockchain projects for funding.
  • Blockchain Courses and Jobs Market:                         Development of a space for blockchain-related courses and jobs.
  • Integration with Major Exchanges:                              Listing on prominent exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gate.io, etc.


  • AI  [Code]:                            Integration of artificial intelligence [Code] for enhancing platform functionality and user experience.
  • DEX Exchange of PaySafeCard for Other Tokens:                   Expansion of the DEX to allow the exchange of PaySafeCard for other tokens.
  • Kids Wallet:                            Launch of the Kids Coin wallet for facilitating secure transactions and storage.
  • Play-and-Win Startups and Games:                                  Initiation of partnerships with startups and games based on the play-and-win model.
  • Integration of Payments in Video Games:                    Implementation of the option to pay with $KIDS in various video games and applications. Total Tokens

Presale             2.500.000.000                                                               AirDrop                        300.000.000

Liquidity                                                               Collaborators               100.000.000

Staking                                                                  Team                             100.000.000


Use the contract information below to add the $KIDS token to your wallet.




Token Symbol

to be defined




Token Details:

  • Name: Kids Coin Finance
  • Symbol: KIDS
  • Standard: BEP20
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 $KIDS

      Token Distribution:

      • Presale (50%): 2,500,000,000 $KIDS
      • Liquidity (10%): 500,000,000 $KIDS
      • DEX Paysafecard (10%): 500,000,000 $KIDS
      • Staking & Farming (20%): 1,000,000,000 $KIDS
      • AirDrop (6%): 300,000,000 $KIDS (Locked for 5 Months)
      • Collaborators (2%): 100,000,000 $KIDS (Locked for 5 Months)
      • Team (2%): 100,000,000 $KIDS (Locked for 24 Months)

      Presale Distribution:

      • Phase I (Locked for 5 Months):
        • Quantity: 1,000,000,000 $KIDS
        • Whitelist Price: 0.0015 USD (Locked for 4 Months)
        • Post Whitelist Price: 0.002 USD (Locked for 5 Months)
      • Phase II (Locked for 4 Months):
        • Quantity: 850,000,000 $KIDS
        • Price: 0.003 USD
      • Phase III (Locked for 3 Months):
        • Quantity: 650,000,000 $KIDS
        • Price: 0.004 USD

       Market Entry Price:

      • Entry Price: 0.01 USD for each 1 $KIDS


      Kids Coin Finance Team

      Early financial education paves the way for a better future worldwide.

      Lucian Bindiu


      Since the age of 15, I've been actively involved in the world of investments, focusing particularly on Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as index funds and real estate. My ability to make informed financial decisions stems from an early financial education that has provided me with a solid foundation in this field.

      Ismary Cabrera

      Full-Stack Financial Developer

      As a web designer, writer, and personal finance coach, I am passionate about providing tools and knowledge to help others improve themselves every day. My focus extends beyond web aesthetics and functionality to empower individuals to take control of their personal finances. Through my dedication to these areas, I find fulfillment in being a facilitator of personal growth and success for those around me.

      JL de Pedro

      Blockchain Developer

      As a business law student and blockchain developer, I navigate the dynamic intersection of legal principles and cutting-edge technology. My expertise lies in integrating legal insights with blockchain development to offer efficient solutions for business challenges. This dual proficiency enables me to contribute effectively to both the legal and innovative aspects of the field.